Three cargo ships with Ukrainian grain leave Odesa Oblast port

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Shipping from the port of Chornomorsk has been resumed
Shipping from the port of Chornomorsk has been resumed

The cargo ships are heading towards ports in Turkey, Ireland and the UK.
“Today's convoy restored shipping from the port of Chornomorsk,” said Kubrakov.

“We expect that the security guarantees provided by our partners from the UN and Turkey will continue to work, and food exports from our ports will become stable and predictable for all market participants.”
The minister added that Ukraine plans to ensure their ports are able to handle more than 100 ships per month.

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“Although the ‘grain corridor’ is already working when it comes to exports, our goal is the full operation of ports in both directions,” Kubrakov added.

“We’re getting applications from ship owners who are ready to enter our ports for loading, and the first (loading) event is expected tomorrow. Our goal is to process three or more million tonnes of agricultural exports per month from the ports of Odesa, Chornomorsk and Pivdennyi.”
He also said that the faster Ukraine can export the 20 million tonnes remaining from last year's crop and start exporting grain from the new one, the faster the food situation in the world will improve.
The Razoni, a of Sierra Leone-flagged cargo vessel carrying 26,000 tonnes of corn, left the Odesa seaport heading to Lebanon on Aug. 1. It was the first cargo ship to leave the port since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24.

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Ukraine signed an agreement with Turkey and the UN to unblock the export of Ukrainian grain through ports in the Black Sea on July 22. Russia signed a mirror agreement with Turkey and the UN. Ukraine did not sign any direct agreements with the aggressor-country.

The day after signing the agreement, Russia attacked the port of Odesa with cruise missiles, leading many to fear that the agreement would break down before any cargo shipments of grain from Ukraine could be made.
The agreement applies to exports from the Ukrainian ports of Odesa, Chornomorsk and Pivdennyi. Ukraine is to maintain control over the ports. According to the deal, no ships other than those that will export grain and related products will be able to enter the ports.

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In Turkey, inspection teams have been created from representatives of all parties to inspect cargo and personnel. The inspections will be carried out only in the harbors at the entrance and exit from the Bosporus Strait in Turkey.

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