Three dead in Rockford bowling alley shooting

Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea confirmed three people dead and said three others had "received gunfire" and were being treated at a local hospital.

According to O'Shea a "person of interest" was in custody be he said a motive was not immediately clear and investigators are describing it as a "random" attack.

Video Transcript


DAN O'SHEA: This evening at approximately 6:55 PM, we received multiple phone calls for shots being fired at the Don Carter Lanes here on State Street. Responding officers came to the scene. Calls were coming in, there was multiple victims. At this point, it's still an ongoing investigation. We do have three individuals that are confirmed deceased.

We also have three confirmed other individuals that have received gunfire and are being treated at the local hospitals. At this point, we have a person of interest in custody. That's pretty much where we're at. The officers are still working the scene. The state's attorney's office has been apprised.

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