Three dead and two missing after tubers cross dam in North Carolina

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Three people are dead and two are missing after a tubing group went over a dam in North Carolina on Wednesday evening.

The five tubers were part of a group of nine people on the Dan River. The group's tubes were reportedly tied together but at one point came apart. Around 7 or 7:30 p.m., the tubers crossed a Duke Energy dam by a local power plant.


Construction workers found four of the tubers on Thursday afternoon, saying they were"hanging on to various items," according to WTVD of Durham, North Carolina. The rescued tubers were taken to local hospitals, but their conditions have not been disclosed.

"We learned from the four rescued that five more individuals were with them and were still missing," Lt. Kevin Suthard, a spokesman for the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office, told the Washington Examiner.

On Thursday night, the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office reported that three bodies were found.

Authorities are still looking for the other two people, expanding their search from Rockingham County to the Virginia borderline.

"We have done both an air and water search at this time," said Rodney Cates, Rockingham County's emergency services director. "We've had an aircraft that has flown the river. They flew 6 miles into Virginia. They came back, widened their perimeter, and flew the ground area adjacent to the river."

Cates said he is hopeful officials can "do a rescue rather than a recovery" for the two missing tubers.

Tubing is a recreational activity that involves people riding on top of an inflatable tube on water, snow, or through the air.


Suthard said the sport is a "regular activity" in his area, but it's often discouraged from taking place near the dam.

"It's a pretty steep drop," he told ABC News.

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