Three hurt in shooting outside of a Philadelphia after-hours club

Philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting that left three wounded in North Philadelphia. The shooting happened Saturday just before 7 a.m. along the 2100 block of Ridge Avenue.

Video Transcript

- 7:35, we are following some breaking news coming in from North Philadelphia. Police say at least three people were shot at an after hours club while others ran for cover when the shooting started. We know it took place about 7 o'clock this morning along the 2,100 block of Ridge Avenue.

We've also learned that three people are being treated at hospitals. Still working for you to get more information about those individuals conditions. We can tell you police shut down Oxford Avenue to North 22nd Street after finding dozens of shell casings as they continue to investigate what led to the shooting there as we get more information on this breaking news coming in from North Philadelphia. Of course, we'll bring that to you.