Three killed in India over reported Facebook post

Vehicles torched and at least three people were killed in India's Bangalore -- all reporteldy sparked by a Facebook post.

Violence erupted between police and protesters in the southern Indian city late on Tuesday (August 11), after a derogatory Facebook post, reportedly about the Prophet Mohammed, was written by a nephew of a congressman.

Thousands then took to the streets outside a police station and clashed with officers.

Another group assembled infront of a politician's house throwing stones and set vehicles on fire.

This man says a group of 20 to 30 Muslim men carrying weapons arrived at the street around 10pm.

According to Bangalore's police chief, officers were unable to quell protesters and opened fire as they risked being overpowered during the unrest.

Police also said the person responsible for the offensive post had been arrested and more than a hundred people had been arrested for alleged vandalism and attacking officers.

The post has since been deleted, but Facebook did not immediately comment on the issue.

An emergency law banning gatherings has since been imposed on the city of 12 million.

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