Thumbelina the squirrel was only the size of a walnut when her parents found her

Michael and Christina love bringing joy to all of Thumbelina's adoring fans

Video Transcript


MICHAEL: - After your first rescue, it becomes addictive.


MICHAEL: Every single one of them is unique and different.

CHRISTINA: They all have their own personalities. So they're a fun, just an interesting type of animal, I think. We have a special place in our heart for these little, these little rodents. Hi. My name is Christina.

MICHAEL: My name is Michael. And we are Thumbelina's parents.

CHRISTINA: And this is Thumbelina. We rescued her when she was a couple of hours old. And as the weeks went by, we just started realizing that she didn't hit those milestones. Time went on and just figuring it out.

MICHAEL: She didn't develop the survival skills that we can identify that squirrels need in order to survive outside.

CHRISTINA: So we've embraced it and she's just a part of our family now.

MICHAEL: When Thumbelina was, I think she was about two days old, and I had a walnut shell. There was a story of Thumbelina, it was about a little tiny princess, and her bed was in a little tiny walnut. And lo and behold, she fit right in it. And we had some picture, that was one of the first pictures that we ever took of her.

CHRISTINA: So her social media really started to grow. I had just, I had thousands of pictures on my phone.

MICHAEL: Just like any other parents.


CHRISTINA: And then it just turned into, we found it funny. So we're like, maybe somebody else will find it funny. Somehow in some weird way you're making a difference in people's lives. She's just unlike any little animal we've ever cared for. She's my little best friend.