Thunderstorm Watches & Warnings Issued For Maryland

WJZ's weather team is tracking storms throughout Maryland.

Video Transcript

VIC CARTER: Thunderstorm watches and warnings spread out around Maryland. Among the concerns are rain and damaging winds, as we take a look at live Doppler radar. Hello, everyone. I'm Vic Carter.

DENISE KOCH: And I'm Denise Koch. Storms are still moving through the area right now.

VIC CARTER: We have team coverage staying on top of the severe weather, starting with meteorologist Meg McNamara. Meg?

MEG MCNAMARA: Yes. So the good news is we don't have any active tornado warnings right now. We did have a tornado warning for portions of Baltimore County, Harford County earlier. Now, we just have a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings to tell you about. So first of all, we have this one here for Howard and Montgomery County until 6 o'clock.

And then we have one for just that tiny sliver of Baltimore County, portions of Harford and Cecil County. This is until 6:15. The main threats with these warnings are damaging wind gusts. Could see gusts of up to 60 miles an hour and hail. So potentially hail.

Both these cells are moving to the northeast right around 20 miles an hour. So again, two different severe thunderstorm warnings. And then, you're noticing that green. That is actually a flood warning that is in effect. Now, the majority of the state, we are still under a severe thunderstorm warning.

That's not set to expire until 9 o'clock. So we'll continue to track these storms. We have multiple reports, though, of storm damage. And it happens to be from the area where the tornado warning was issued. I'll send it over to Bob Turk for a look at those. Hi, Bob.

BOB TURK: Reports of trees down around the Jacksonville area. That's exactly where we hear those warnings. Right now, we still have that flash flood watch in effect. Excuse me, a flood warning in effect for these areas right through Baltimore County.

Heavy rain, the flash flood watch for all these counties in northern Maryland. That is through 10:00 tonight. So we do have some areas that are still under that flash flood warning area. We did have some reported flooding at York Road and Thorton Mill Road. It's just north of Hunt Valley. The road there closes, little stream that goes through there, that's obviously covered the roadway.

So be careful. Storm reports, we had hail reports in a couple spots there in Montgomery County. Also, we had reports just around the Lochran area, and wind reports around Jacksonville, around Pikesville, right around Lochran and Pikesville, the Beltway.

Several trees down in many areas over portions of northeast Baltimore County as well. Up to 81, the airport has yet to have any rain. That's why they're still warm and humid. Where it's rained, temperatures have dropped back down into the 70s. The Eastern Shore, still pretty dry now.

I think you're going to see some rain coming in later tonight. And tomorrow, we have another chance of more showers and storm activity around the region. Of course, we'll be tracking that tonight and again tomorrow. Vic?

VIC CARTER: Thank you very much, Bob. We're taking a look at some of the conditions people are seeing right now. And Joy Lepola with Baltimore County Police tweeted this flooding at Falls Road and Shawan, asking people to avoid the area. Kolbie Satterfield is driving out on the roads and you can see some ponding is starting to happen.

DENISE KOCH: And Andrew Shearer says he was driving to hail and strong winds and Pikesville earlier. So we would like to know what's it like in your neighborhood? Send us your photos. Just use the hashtag #beonWJZ.

VIC CARTER: With severe weather threats going on into that, trust the most experienced weather team around, WJZ will have updates for you both on air and online.