Thunderstorms Cause Damage, Flooding Throughout Tri-State Area

Thunderstorms drenched the Tri-State Area, knocked down trees and caused flooding Tuesday; CBS2's Lonnie Quinn and Vanessa Murdock report.

Video Transcript

- We are on Storm Watch tonight. In Orange County, many reports of damage from a strong system that moved through late this afternoon. Look at this video from Port Jervis, where wind knocked down trees and knocked out power.

- Also in Chester, a large tree did even more damage, destroying a home there. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

- And check out this video, lightning in slow motion. This was captured in Weehawken, New Jersey.

- And let's get right to Lonnie Quinn now with the forecast. Lonnie?

LONNIE QUINN: OK, guys, it's going to get better, at least calmer as we push into the nighttime hours. But here's your picture. We still have some strong thunderstorms out there. Now, we do not have the watches or the warnings currently because our wind speeds have dropped down. The hail has gotten smaller. And basically, the hail has disappeared from what we had earlier.

But let me show you where the heavy stuff is. It's down around South Jersey, right on top of Stafford, out by Long Beach Island, a big area over towards Philadelphia that's going to move right through the southern portions of Ocean County.

And then, as you go north of the area-- why don't we track this? Up around Rockland, it's going to make a little dive to the east-southeast. So it'll go through places like-- OK, Albany 7:54. But it gets to Poughkeepsie around 8:42, Danbury, Connecticut possibly at 10:42. So I still see some rain out there late tonight. It's just not going to be nearly as heavy as what we had earlier. And it's even possible to make places like Kingston, 7:57 East Fishkill around 9:38.

So it's heavy rain and flooding taking place right now. The lighter rain is going to be after 8:00 PM. So it's still out there. But it's just not anything to really worry about. Another, chance tomorrow. It's not going to be as bad. And then the heat and humidity really depart by the time we get to Thursday.

But some of this activity today, all kinds of damage. I mean, we had cars that were stuck in flooding waters. We had trees down, taking power lines out. We had 1-inch hail. My colleague, Vanessa Murdock, is in New Jersey right now. Vanessa, what's some of the worst that you've seen today?

VANESSA MURDOCK: Well, Lonnie, this was the worst thing that we saw today. When we got here, floodwaters were up to the bumper. And the flooding went all the way from the red line you see in the distance to that you see all the way down the road.

Now the flooding here has completely receded, which is good news for this car owner. Maybe they can tow it out. But I'll tell you what, we saw some wild scenes closer to the Hudson River today as well. I'm talking about, in Fort Lee, as we drove here in the Mobile Weather Lab, we witnessed the force of the rushing water underground, trying to drain, bubble up, and create sort of a miniature Old Faithful.

Just down the road from there, the manhole cover was getting bounced all around, basically floating above the surface. And then we also witnessed restaurant workers trying to clear out waters before it flooded inside the establishment.

So we've seen some ugly scenes today. But the good news is, here in Hackensack and much of Bergen County, we're just getting this light rain now compared to the torrential rain we saw earlier that led to these messy scenes.

We're live in Hackensack, New Jersey with the Mobile Weather Lab, Vanessa Murdock, CBS 2 News.

- OK, Vanessa, thank you. And do stay with CBS 2 with around-the-clock continuing coverage of the weather. You can get updates on