Thursday Afternoon Forecast - June 10, 2021

The latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JOHN DABKOVICH: And now with a look at the forecast. And I guess, Jordan, enjoy it while we can, right?

JORDAN SEGUNDO: Absolutely, John. I mean, today and tomorrow we're still expecting temperatures below average. But we start to warm up over the weekend. And by next week, yeah, we've got some triple digits on its way.

First off, a live look outside, a beautiful afternoon here through our [INAUDIBLE] camera. Let's show you some of the current temperatures on the board. 69 in Sacramento, 68 for Stockton and Modesto. We've got 67 right now up in Marysville, so a very comfortable day today. As far as our humidity, at 39%, dew point 43. The winds are calm, though. And our pressure right now, 30.20.

And checking in with our CBS 13 Weather Watchers, we've got a few 70s on the board here. 70 in Woodlands, 71 down in Lathrop, in the mid- to upper 60s for Denair and Grizzly Flats. And mid 70s right now in Antelope, 66 for Live Oak. If you'd like to become one of our CBS 13 Weather Watchers, you can head over to and click on that Weather tab.

Let's show you, though, what's happening if you are wanting to see a baseball game tonight-- Yeah, the Stockton Ports taking on San Jose-- 73 degrees at first pitch at 7:05. The winds will be from the west at around 10 miles per hour. And we'll still get some gusts this afternoon and early evening coming through at around 20 miles per hour.

But overall, the wind speeds that we saw yesterday not quite as strong as what we're getting today, so anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour sustained winds. But we'll get an occasional gust up to 20 down towards the northern San Joaquin Valley. And as we head towards the afternoon and evening, that Delta breeze will kick in once again.

Now we showed you some of our early temperatures. Right now, the foothills still looking at the low- to mid 60s, 66 in San Andreas, 54 right now for Truckee and South Lake Tahoe. And this afternoon, we'll still be in the upper 70s here in the valley, with 70s in the foothills and even some 50s, closer to 60 in the Sierra.

Now you can see right here, we've got mostly clear skies. This storm system that brought a few isolated thunderstorms yesterday finally heading off towards the east. We've got this system moving in right here though. It may bring us a few clouds tomorrow, but it's only expected to bring us some light shower activity to the most northern portions of our state tomorrow. So again, we're not going to be getting in that rain action.

But we'll start to see our temperatures slowly warming up as we head into Saturday and Sunday as it allows our highs to increase a bit. And after that, though, as that system pushes off towards the east by next Wednesday, we're going to see high pressure building in triple digits in the Valley. Sierra though, for today, again, upper 50s and 60s. We'll see 68 out in Quincy. Lighter south wind, though, for today at 5 miles per hour.

The foothill has a gorgeous afternoon. We'll get low- to mid 70s with mid 60s out towards Pollock Pines. And then down here in the Valley, pretty much upper 70s all across the board, 76 out of Davis, 79 in Marysville this afternoon. And out towards the Bay Area, mid 60s for today. This is where we could still see some stronger winds pushing through into the Delta. We'll see 76 out towards Fairfield.

And then, later on tonight, temperatures will be cooling once again into the upper 40s, low 50s. We'll see 30s, though, up in the greater Lake Tahoe area, 31 expected for Truckee. But take a look at this seven-day forecast.

Here we go. It's going to look real nice tomorrow. But by the weekend, things start to warm up all across the board. So we'll get into the low- to mid-80s for the foothills. Then I'll step out of the way, because things really start to heat up.

Take a look at Wednesday, 97 for the foothills. We could see triple digits by Thursday, overnight lows in the 70s. And up in the high country, things looking good, but we'll get into the mid-80s by next week Wednesday. And here's a look at your Valley forecast. Again, enjoy today and tomorrow. We'll be in the 80s, closer to 90 by Saturday. But by next week, the heat is on with triple digits back by Wednesday. John.

JOHN DABKOVICH: All right, Jordan. Thank you very much.