Thursday Afternoon Forecast with Mary Lee


Video Transcript

- Time now for a check of weather with meteorologist Mary Lee. Another nice afternoon out there.

MARY LEE: It is gorgeous, [? Len. ?] Yeah, we are looking at plenty of sunshine. Blue skies on our Mark Hopkins hotel camera as we look to San Francisco and those clear skies out there.

Temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s to mid 60s at this hour. So 65 for you in Concord; Oakland coming in at 56; Livermore, 61; 59 in San Francisco; 60 in San Jose; and Santa Rosa at 59. And you can see, plenty of sunshine all across the Bay Area.

We are looking at breezy conditions in spots with those westerly winds. I'm tracking an onshore flow in that Pacific Ocean breeze for us. 16 mile per hour winds out of the west at SFO, 8 in Hayward and 6 for Livermore. Otherwise Concord, San Jose, and Santa Rosa looking at calm conditions.

So not a lot of change here for the next couple of days. Just some minor changes. For tomorrow, we'll see that stronger ocean breeze kicking in for us, and with it, temperatures just slightly cooler. But as we look to our weekend with that ridge of high pressure strengthening, we're going to see a little bit a little bit warmer temperatures for Saturday and for Sunday.

We're going to stay dry, though, over the next several days as that ridge of high pressure is really the dominant weather feature for us. And we have that typical weather pattern of morning clouds, afternoon sunshine for the next several days. So that'll be the case tomorrow again. Some morning clouds to start off, and then looking at afternoon sunshine expected for your Friday.

So breezy in spots with those westerly winds this afternoon. As we look to tomorrow, the wind's picking up a little bit more for your Friday afternoon, and that's why temperatures will be slightly cooler for tomorrow.

Our sunset at 7:39 and our sunrise at 6:42. So daytime highs for today, mid 50s along the coast, looking at low to mid 60s around the Bay and upper 60s to low 70s inland. So right around where we should be for this time of year.

Again, slightly cooler for your Friday, but there we go with that warm up as we look to Saturday and for Sunday with that sunshine. We're going to stay on the mild, dry, and quiet side as we look ahead to next week, as well.

[? Len. ?]