Thursday evening UK news briefing: The GP workload backlash

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Your evening briefing from The Telegraph
Your evening briefing from The Telegraph

Evening briefing: Today's essential headlines

Pictured | The bow and arrow terror suspect who killed five people in Norway has been identified as a Muslim convert who had been "radicalised". Espen Andersen Bråthen, 37, was arrested after a 34-minute rampage in Kongsberg last night. Reporting from the city, Kiyya Baloch reveals police had previously been alerted to his online activity.

The big story: GPs complain of 'malicious criticism'

In the last 18 months, any GP appointments you might have had are most likely to have taken place remotely. But soon, it seems, the doctor might see you now.

The NHS today announced that it is ploughing millions of pounds into measures designed to improve patient access, with plans to increase face-to-face appointments.

But practices that fail to provide enough in-person consultations will be "named and shamed" - and not eligible for the funding. GPs today complained about the "malicious criticism" that family doctors are facing after finding themselves at the centre of a "public storm".

They criticised the Government for being "out of touch" and claim the description that doctors are underperforming is "insulting".

See a graph showing how the number of face-to-face appointments has plummeted - and failed to recover.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid fist-bumps a medic at a surgery in Forest Hill, south east London, today - PA
Health Secretary Sajid Javid fist-bumps a medic at a surgery in Forest Hill, south east London, today - PA

Sajid Javid, pictured above visiting a south east London medical centre, spent much of the day insisting his winter plan would support doctors and nurses.

But the Health Secretary was accused of being "too frit" to appear before the Royal College of GPs' annual conference in Liverpool today. Other doctors reacted angrily to the apparent last-minute cancellation.

Read Mr Javid's blueprint for improving GP services.

Record waiting times

The overhaul of GP services comes on the day new figures highlight a crisis in emergency care. A record of more than 5,000 patients waited over 12 hours on trolleys in A&E last month and waiting times for hospital treatment have risen to a new high for the 15th consecutive month, with 5.7 million ready to start routine procedures. NHS England has told hospitals to eliminate all waits of more than two years by March next year. Read how health bosses intend to meet the target.

'Crucial to wellbeing'

Telegraph mailbags and inboxes have been bulging with reader complaints about NHS services for many months. Some want a full return to face-to-face GP appointments. Others would like a hybrid model. What unites them is a widespread desire to jump through fewer hoops. See what your fellow readers think - and have your say.

Comment and analysis

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Alessandra Ferri, the world famous ballerina

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