Thursday Evening Weather

16 WAPT Chief Meteorologist David Hartman has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Video Transcript

DAVID HARTMAN: All right, look at the rain totals from this morning. Rain past to the South of the metro area, a half inch at heaviest. There might have been a spot or two close to the Louisiana line, Columbia just shy of an inch. We've got another round of heavy rain which will threaten the area late Wednesday. Clearing behind that rain this morning, we've got some high clouds coming in for the evening. No rain though. Should be a comfortable evening and a little bit on the cool side.

There you see what the sun did, got us up into the low 70s. But soon as the sun goes down, temperatures will be dropping down into the 60s. And lows tonight will be in the 50s, got a coolish night across the area. Tomorrow clouds, showers possible at any time. Highs only in the 60s. And then the round of heavy rain develops late in the day tomorrow. This will be the fourth round of rain this week. Can you believe it? And I'll tell you, it has been an active rain train. There goes today's.

And developing back off to the West will be our weather system for tomorrow. It's really going to come in two parts. A little shower activity throughout the day, and then tomorrow night's when the rain gets heavy. And there could be some thunder and lightning in that as well. Stalled front along the Gulf Coast. As much rain as we've had, the Gulf Coast, Louisiana down towards New Orleans, Biloxi, Gulfport, over towards Gulf Shores, Mobile, they've been pounded by very heavy rainfall.

And this activity developing off to the West is unwelcomed because rivers are high, and especially across our southern parts of the state, they're going to get even higher with this next round of rain, which is due in. So today, we got some storms back over in Texas. And through the night some of these showers begin to head our way. And off and on scattered showers possible from the get go tomorrow right on through the morning and daytime, there could be some showers, embedded thunderstorm.

The rain really begins to pick up tomorrow night as the whole weather system comes through and shifts across the area. It does push that by around daybreak Saturday morning. And here's the rainfall totals. Basically looking at from Vicksburg, Jackson and Meridian South an inch or two. And Natchez, McComg, maybe even close to Brookhaven, two to four inches possible. A lot of this is going to come in a short period of time Friday night. So flash flooding could be an issue Friday night. Kind of keep a close eye on that.

A comfortable evening. It'll cloud up later tonight, there could even be a shower by dawn. Showers around throughout the day, and maybe even a thundershower. 62 the high tomorrow. 55 will be the low with a very rainy, stormy night tomorrow night. Rain comes down hard at times. Saturday, even though the rain will be gone, stays cloudy. Now there is not rain in the forecast for next week. There could be a little spring shower in there. But temperatures on the cool side for the next week.