Thursday Evening Weather

16 WAPT meteorologist Adam McWilliams has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Video Transcript


ADAM MCWILLIAMS: After a stormy night last night, conditions are much better for today. Here's a look at our Capital Tower Sky Cam. Bright sunshine around. Temperatures warm, in the low 80s around here this afternoon with a Southwest wind at 17. And that wind is going to be gusty.

But look at the humidity, down to 28%. Some drier air has moved in. And it feels pretty nice outside. Tonight's going to be a warm evening. But the clouds are going to be increasing, the humidity coming back. And yes, we have another round of severe weather coming through during the day tomorrow. All right, there's a look at the radar right now, clean sweep around the area. 83 for McComb, 80 for Natchez, upper 70s at Vicksburg, 84 down in Hattiesburg this afternoon.

There's the front. Actually, it does not come through our area fully. The storms that we had last night was well ahead of the front. Right now, from Tennessee through Georgia down into parts of the Florida panhandle, this front is beginning to stall out back to the west. The winds are becoming parallel to the front. And that is going to serve as a focal point for showers and thunderstorms starting tomorrow late in the day, I'm thinking probably in the evening.

And then we have another round of showers and thunderstorms that will move through overnight into early Saturday morning and a line of showers and thunderstorms, much like the line that we had last night. So temperatures area-wide warm, in the 80s across much of Central and South Mississippi, numbers in the 70s to the north.

Lows for tonight, very comfortable. Temperatures will be in the 60s. But that humidity will be coming up. And the clouds will be on the increase for your Friday.

So there's the system right now, big area of low pressure now moving through parts of Chicago and the Great Lakes states. And there's that front slowing down as it moves across parts of Central Mississippi. Again, the winds are becoming parallel to the front and not allowing it to push all the way down to the Gulf Coast. But you can see the line of showers and storms well ahead of that.

Here's our next system coming down from the Rockies. And this will ignite more showers and thunderstorms during the day tomorrow into early Saturday morning. Looking more and more like this will probably be an early Saturday morning event rolling through here. But tomorrow, we have a lot of thunderstorm fuel in place.

So the energy is going to be there. We just need the trigger mechanism. And that's going to be the low pressure area and the cold front. But in the heat of the day, there could be a few scattered thunderstorms off to our north. And then as we head into Saturday morning, there's that line of thunderstorms pushing through our area. And this could contain a lot of wind with it. Thinking wind and spin-up tornadoes, again, the main threats and also too-heavy rainfall, as it looks like this may try to slow down as it moves into parts of South Mississippi during the day on Saturday.

All right, here's the future lightning. Again, these big thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon are going to take advantage of that heating and really build up high in the atmosphere. So a lot of lightning with these storms. And also too to the north, there could be some large hail with these storms moving through.

And then here's the line coming through Saturday morning. Again, right around I'd say between 4:00 and 7:00 AM here in Central Mississippi. And then that line should be pushing down to the Gulf Coast with some very heavy rainfall totals.

So the severe weather threat again, basically the entire area has a threat of severe weather. We're thinking between 10:00 PM Friday to 8:00 AM Saturday, damaging wind gusts, tornadoes are possible, heavy rain, and flash flooding all in the gamut. So be weather-aware, especially tomorrow night late into the wee hours of Saturday morning, because that's when the worst of the weather is going to move through here.

Here are the rainfall totals again. We'll have to adjust these if the system does begin to slow down. There will be higher rainfall totals across the area. But right now, generally 1 to 2 inches not out of the question.

So to recap, a squall line of strong thunderstorms, again, we're thinking overnight Friday night into Saturday, heavy rainfall. Flash flooding is possible, especially if that line does begin to slow down. Strong wind gusts and hail and spin-up tornadoes are possible with that line moving through.

So for tonight, the clouds return. The mild weather and the muggies will come back into the picture. 84, dry for the first half of the day. And then we do have a chance of pop-up thunderstorms late. Again, that main thunderstorm threat is going to move through tomorrow night. We've issued an impact for that. Some of those will be strong to severe.

Low temperature 65. There's your seven-day forecast. Looking good for the rest of the weekend. Sunday looking great, bright sunshine, temperatures in the 70s. Monday looking great. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, there will be the chance of some showers moving through the area. Temperatures will be near average in the lower 70s.