Thursday Evening Weather

16 WAPT meteorologist Christopher Pipkin has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER PIPKIN: Well, good Thursday. Some nice temperatures so far today into those upper 80s. 87 for the overall high at this time. Wouldn't be surprised if we go up one or two more degrees there. 87, though.

We've got a few cumulus clouds too and also a few cirrus clouds out there, which has allowed us not to hit that 90-degree temperature, which is a fairly good stretch that we're under right now of not hitting that 90 degree.

A new temperature update, though. It looks like we are in those lower 90s, surprisingly, over here for Jackson. We do have a few of those cumulus clouds once again way back there. And go 91 degrees, and a few of those clouds continue to pass through. So that high is going to update here in about 30 more minutes, and wouldn't be surprised-- maybe we do have one more degree upwards.

A lot of us, though, sitting into those lower 90s. So the first day of hitting 90 degrees. And you go over there towards Kosciusko, Carthage there-- Kosciusko into those upper 80s, and then down there towards Brookhaven and McComb into those upper 80s.

Again, it depends on how much cloud coverage you do see. If you see more cloud coverage, you do get in on more of those warmer temperatures. So again, here in Jackson we reached 91 degrees.

And all of this ahead of a cool down that is actually approaching us. There's a cold front way off there towards Oklahoma and Kansas. Look at all those storms firing off there towards Oklahoma. And a few tornado warnings involved with that too just north of Oklahoma City.

As here for the Jackson metro and central Mississippi, again, a completely different and opposite story. We're not seeing any of those conditions. We're seeing some fairly nice conditions. But those storms along that cold front will continue to push on down here towards the central-- our central part of the state, and that could cause for a few pockets of showers and gusty storms. A brief downpour can't be ruled out and maybe, again, one of those becoming strong or severe. But again, it's just really not looking likely. Tomorrow is going to be a fairly nice day and a brief shower or two as that cold front continues to slice down here towards the state.

The bigger story with this will be the cooler temperatures as we continue to see that cold front stretch on down here past this Mississippi area, bringing in some cooler temperatures. It's going to be fairly nice as we get into this weekend.

Temperatures for your Sunday, the overall highs into those lower 80s, so a different story. Again, today we're in those lower 90s. This weekend, lower 80s will be the story, so a nice and comfortable weekend. That's below our average, which is around 86 degrees.

So coming into your Saturday, your Sunday, into those lower 80s. And then we start to creep right back up there for your Monday and into your Tuesday, right there above the average temperature of 86 degrees for this time of year.

So for tonight we'll be at 70 degrees. A little mild and muggy out there ahead of that cold front that will be bringing us those cooler temperatures. For tomorrow, though, into those upper 80s. A few showers and storms could be possible around the evening-time hours. But again, it's not going to be a widespread event. It's going to be a brief shower or two here and there as that cold front passes through, and it starts to exit out of here before 11:00 PM. And then tomorrow night, those lows into the upper 60s.

Here's that seven-day forecast though. Again, a nice and beautiful Memorial Day weekend, into those lower 80s. Gosh, really couldn't ask for a better weekend.

Coming into your Monday and Tuesday, we're back into those upper 80s and then maybe a few more showers and storms to talk about by next week.