Thursday May 27th CBSN Denver Daily Sports Line

Michael Spencer and Jason Scott break down tonight's Nuggets-Blazers game and the rest of the slate in the NBA.

Video Transcript

MICHAEL SPENCER: Hello, everyone. Welcome to your CBSN Denver Daily Sportsline, brought to you by BetMGM. It is Thursday, May 27. And after back-to-back days with no playoffs here in Denver, we finally have the Nuggets back in action. Game three tonight against Portland.

Coming off a 1-1 day here on the segment. Rockies bets got wiped out yesterday because of the postponement. I told you I like the Knicks first-quarter spread. That didn't happen. They ended up winning the game, but they were terrible to start. And then I liked the Jazz first-quarter spread as well. That one cashes, so we go 1-1 on our best bets from yesterday.

As we take a look at the lines today, Nuggets-Blazers game three. Nuggets getting four points tonight, the over-under set at 225 and 1/2, and the Nuggets to win is +150. I want to bring in our guy Jason Scott from BetMGM to talk more about this game. Jason, when you look at this game, what do you like, if anything? To me, I think it may be one where I stay away from the spread and the totals.

JASON SCOTT: Look, we've spoken before on this segment, Michael, that any time Dam's there, anything can happen. I mean he had eight from 10 3-pointers in the first half the other night, with 10 or 11. The shops are on the unders. I think the team's cumulatively shot at about 50% last match, that I believe that could keep it up, but there'll be a better focus on defense. If anything must push for a selection, I'd go the Nuggets. You know, I think the plus, it seems four points seems pretty good.

MICHAEL SPENCER: Yeah, I'm with you there. I don't know that this is going to be a blowout one way or the other. I think Portland comes out and gets a nice boost from their home crowd and gets things going early in that one. My best bet for this game is actually going to be the Anfernee Simons over 5 and 1/2. He had 14 points in 23 minutes of game one. Only played 10 minutes in game two, because he got hurt in that game. But Portland has a really short bench. They're only playing about eight guys. I like the Anfernee Simons over 5 and 1/2 points as my best bet in that one.

Jason, we got three games on the NBA slate tonight, which is great when you're talking about playoff basketball. Some of the games have lived up to the hype, some of them not so much. But I think we're in for some good ones tonight. What do you like as you look at the rest of the slate?

JASON SCOTT: I'm going to go to the early game, Michael. I think the Bucks and Heat, they go back to Miami. Miami can't win a shootout against the Bucks. Down 2-0, they have to tighten this up. I think they have to come out focused on defense. I want to be on the under 224 and 1/2, because to me, that's the only possible way Miami have of keeping this game close, and any chance of progressing even to get these past four games.

MICHAEL SPENCER: Yeah, I totally agree with you. Miami's got to win tonight if they want to push this thing. If they want to make it a series, they certainly have to keep it close. Because I'm with you, I think the Bucks win this series. And so I'll be interested to see what happens in that one.

I'm going to go for the late game, and I'm going to go Deandre Ayton over 14 and 1/2 points as my other best bet. He had 21 and 22 in games one and two. I think he has another big outing tonight. Jason, are you surprised at all by the number that we're seeing the Lakers? Last I checked, it was Lakers -7. And a lot of people are like, well, hold on Phoenix is the two seed here. But obviously, people love betting the Lakers, and I think most of the public loves going with LeBron in any situation.

JASON SCOTT: Yeah, it has ducked down to 6 and 1/2 probably in the last 10 minutes. I think it's the psychological aspect here. What happens to the Suns at the end of that killer game at the end of last week, or last couple of days ago, and LeBron's magnificent finish? Will it break their spirit, or will it bring them together? Going back to LA, the pundits say they think it's going to break them.

MICHAEL SPENCER: Yeah. And I think it'll be interesting to see what happens with Chris Paul in that game too, right? And how much he can contribute for that team. He's not the best player on that team, but he's certainly the heart and soul, is the way I see it. So should be a lot of good basketball tonight. And Jason, we'll look forward to doing this again next week.

JASON SCOTT: Thank you, Michael.

MICHAEL SPENCER: Hey, that's going to do it for your CBSN Denver Daily Sportsline, brought to you as always by BetMGM. Place your parlays, props, and futures at the king of sportsbooks. Download the app today.