Thursday Morning Weather With Meteorologist Meg Mcnamara

Partly sunny with high temperatures in the upper 60's.

Video Transcript

- Meg, how did the bird find a face mask that covered his entire beak?


- That's the biggest mask I've ever seen.

MEG MCNAMARA: And-- yes. And, of course, it was stylish, as always. He is such a style icon. Now, he has the mask and, you know, the Hall of Fame ring. So he's got it all going on.

Of course, WJZ, we have it all going on. Everything you need to know today for the Orioles home opener. Of course, we are live this morning at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Sean Stryker, he did ditch me temporarily, but he's going to bring us a preview of some of the food that we have to look forward to this season and today down here at Camden Yards. So we will let him temporarily escape for that while I focus on my maybe tied for a second favorite topic after food, the weather.

So let's get you set for what you can expect throughout the day. Today I will say, overall, a pretty darn good day for the baseball here. So temperatures, here is where we are as we head out the door.

Low 50s, some of us still lingering there in the upper 40s. You'll be joining us in the 50s, and then eventually though the 60s. The radar, as we focus on Maryland, we are dry.

We have to look well off to the west to see some rain. We are expecting rain to return to the area. I think late tonight we could start off with at least some spotty showers.

The Future Cast here-- so you can see we have sunshine and more and more of it as our day progresses. And then as we keep it going, we do have some rain that arrives, but well after game time. We're talking tomorrow morning. So that is certainly good news.

Our seven-day forecast here. So highs today, we are going to be in the upper 60s. We're going to be dry. Tomorrow, low 60s, spotty showers, rain likely on Saturday, and then potentially some rain to at least start the day on Sunday, and then things improve.