Thursday Weather Forecast - April 8, 2021

Find out what kind of weather we're expecting this weekend.

Video Transcript

- Good morning to all of you. Taking a look at our hour by hour forecast. Waking up to temperatures in the 40s this morning. A little bit of a breeze out there, but for the most part, the Sacramento Valley should stay calm this afternoon. Winds about five to 10 miles per hour, temperatures climbing quickly. 62 by noon, 74 to 75 between 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. And our high temperature is going to be right there.

The Foothills, a little cooler. Mostly sunny though, 66 degrees. And in the Sierra, 59 is the expected high temperature. Breezier in the Delta and as you head west, the Delta getting up to 74 but gusts of up to about 25 miles per hour are expected with sustained winds between 10 to 15. The seven day forecast goes like this. 70s today and tomorrow, and then what a beautiful weekend. 80 Saturday and Sunday, and we will stay there for the next several days. Our overnight lows getting into the 50s by the middle of next week.