How Ticket King Survived COVID

Ticket King is back, Mike Max reports (1:41). WCCO 4 News At 6- June 8, 2021

Video Transcript

MIKE MAX: More fans back in the stands means more tickets to sell. And for one area of business, that's good news. But they also know it might take a while to get them all back. Mike Nowakowski is back where he wants to be, doing what he loves to do. Sell tickets. But, oh, what a 14 months it's been.


MIKE MAX: It meant, like other small businesses, making difficult decisions, and enduring difficult times.

MIKE NOWAKOWSKI: You know, we had to lay off a ton of people. We're slowly bringing them back. You know, I haven't had a paycheck in 15 months.

MIKE MAX: Now they are back like the teams, and the calculation of what will sell begins.

MIKE NOWAKOWSKI: We're going for it. And, you know, I guess at this point, I would rather make a mistake and get a little too aggressive.

MIKE MAX: What he considers a sure thing, the Vikings. If they open it up, they will come.

MIKE NOWAKOWSKI: The demographic of the Viking fan is a little different. I don't think, you know, they're as concerned with COVID. And, you know, a lot of the fans tend to be outstate fans.

MIKE MAX: What he missed on, the Wild. Win game seven in the Xcel energy center is, again, in loud crowds.

MIKE NOWAKOWSKI: You know, they win-- they win game seven in Vegas, or if they had actually shown up, you know, in some of the previous games at home and won one of those, we get round two, Xcel Energy Center's packed, fans are dying to go to a Wild game.

MIKE MAX: But the important thing is they are back from a place they never want to visit again.

MIKE NOWAKOWSKI: You know, other than, like, the cruise industry, or, you know, maybe the airplane industry, the ticket industry was affected just about as bad as anyone.