Tiger mom makes her 22-year-old daughter take breathalyzer test every time she comes home at night

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A strict Chinese mother recently went viral on social media for making her daughter take breathalyzer tests when she returns home at night to ensure she is not drinking alcohol.

The widely shared video, which was posted on Weibo last week, shows the mother waiting near the front door of their home in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, as her 22-year-old daughter, identified by her surname Jin, walks in.

As seen in the video, the mother approaches Jin with abreathalyzer. According to the clip, Jin’s mother waits for her daughter by the front door with the breathalyzer every time Jin returns from a night out with friends.

My strict upbringing does not allow me to come home after 10 p.m., or even grabbing [sic] a drink before getting married,” Jin explains.

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The daughter also shares that she is afraid of how her strict mother will react if she ever fails her breathalyzer test. She adds that she has passed every test so far.

The viral video ignited discussion among Weibo users, with one user saying that Jin’s situation is so “oppressive.” Other users, however, showed support for the mother’s strict parenting.

I support the mum. I understood it is tough, but I wished my parents would do that to me,” one user wrote.

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What the mum is doing is showing responsibility towards her daughter. … I thought it’s great,” another said.


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