Tight-Knit Boulder Community Honors Officer Eric Talley Killed In Super Market Shooting

CBS4's Danya Bacchus has more on how his life was celebrated.

Video Transcript

- Tonight, the tight-knit community of Boulder, Colorado, honored officer Eric Tally. The father of seven was one of 10 people killed after a gunman opened fire inside a supermarket. People lined the streets waving flags and showing support as a procession of dozens of emergency vehicles headed to the service.

- CBS 4's Danya Bacchus: has more on the emotional farewell.

DANYA BACCHUS: Fallen Boulder officer Eric Talley's being remembered as a selfless and courageous police officer with a fierce love for his family and community.

JARED POLIS: Officer Tally gave his life just as he lived it-- in the service of others.

DANYA BACCHUS: The 51-year-old was the first officer responding to last week's supermarket shooting that left Talley and nine others dead.

DANIEL NOLAN: Everyone in that store that fateful day, Monday last, was trying to get out. But some were trying to get in. Going into harm's way, going into the mouth of hell. And one did not return.

JARED POLIS: We will never forget the sacrifices that he made and the sacrifices that your family has made. As governor, I speak for the entire state of Colorado when I say that we are here for you and we will always be here for you.

DANYA BACCHUS: Angela Stephens traveled from Kansas City to show her support for law enforcement. She was among those who waved flags as a procession of 500 emergency vehicles headed to the service.

ANGELA STEPHENS: In one particular moment in time, you always need the police. They have no idea the next call they're going to get, and if it's the last call that they're going to get.

DANYA BACCHUS: So far, police have not determined a motive for the shooting. The 21-year-old suspect faces 10 counts of first degree murder. He is undergoing a mental health evaluation before his next court appearance in May. Officer Talley leaves behind a wife and seven children.

MARIS HEROLD: Your father was kind. Your father died a hero. There's no doubt, because of his bravery and quick action, dozens of innocent lives were saved.

DANYA BACCHUS: The Colorado Healing Fund has raised more than $1 million for the victims of the shooting. Danya Bacchus, CBS News.