Tight-knit Sikh community in shock over shooting

Four members of the Sikh community in Indiana were among the eight victims of the mass shooting at a Fedex facility this week. The mass shooting has left that community stunned and in mourning. (April 17)

Video Transcript

SATJEET KAUR: At this time, again, just want to reiterate that all public reporting is and the investigation has not confirmed a motive in any way, shape, or form. That being said, it's very difficult for our community not to feel targeted, especially given the violence that we have endured for so long and for so many decades.

We definitely have to acknowledge that post 9/11, there was a rise, and a continued rise, of hate against communities like the Sikh community, the Muslim community, as the rise of Islamophobia grew.

And that is deeply unfortunate because no community, whether the Sikh, Muslim, or any community, should have to pay for the crimes of a few. The community has been-- was supposed to be continuing celebrations into this weekend. And now, instead of celebrating [INAUDIBLE], they are thinking about funerals.