Tight races in AZ reflects its “independent spirit” – and Democrats are hopeful for key victories

Arizona is one of the most competitive and crucial battleground states this year, and Republicans have nominated some of the staunchest election deniers for the state’s top posts, and they’re running very close races against their Democratic counterparts. “We are in a tight race, but that just reflects Arizona’s independent spirit,” says Adrian Fontes, former Maricopa County Recorder, Marine vet, and Democratic nominee for Secretary of State. His opponent, Mark Finchem, continues to deny the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidential victory, and on top of that, he was also seen outside the Capitol building on January 6th. Finchem and other Republicans have relentlessly attacked the integrity of Arizona’s early voting methods, but Fontes reminds us that Republicans actually pioneered mail-in voting in the state. “It works really, really well if you’re trying to get out the vote,” Fontes tells Ali Velshi. “And Democrats are taking advantage of a system that the Republicans used very, very well for a long time.”