Tijuana recovering from landslides, sinkholes, power outages and flooding

SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — The report card for Tijuana storm damage is as follows: Hundreds of fallen walls, electric poles and cables, 15 landslides, countless flooded streets, 11 damaged transformers, six downed trees, three sinkholes, two cars buried in mud and 37 people left homeless and now staying at a storm shelter.

That’s according to Miguel Ángel Ceballos Ramírez, the head of the city’s Civil Protection Department, who added that there were also 63 rain-related emergency calls during the storm.

He said the the city is closely watching three hillsides that are in danger of collapsing.

“We’re asking people in the area to evacuate their homes and not take chances,” he said.

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Ceballos Ramírez is also asking residents to avoid dumping their trash in canyons or streams as water continues to run off and the debris could jam and clog drains and canals.

“And please avoid driving through flooded streams or streets, avoid going out altogether especially if you live in dangerous areas that are prone to flooding … if you live on a hillside, and you notice a window or door frame are off, or your house starts to slide a bit, you need to abandon the property right away.”

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On Wednesday night, the driver of a passenger shuttle lost control of his vehicle and crashed against a parked rig, injuring nine passengers.

Police say the driver was going too fast on a wet street.

As of Thursday morning, 37 residents had sought refuge at a city shelter set up at a sports complex near downtown.

“That shelter will remain open open for those who don’t feel safe in their own homes,” Ceballos Ramírez said.

He added the facility has space for 100 people if needed.

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“We have one family of 11,” he said. “They had rented a house where a lot of water came in and wasn’t safe. Others are here, too, people who fled their flooded-out homes.”

Schools in Tijuana will remain closed through Friday.

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