'Tiki Time': Couple Creates Thriving Business Offering Tiki Hut Boat Cruises Through Salem Harbor

Tiki Hut Boats launched in September 2019, and due to its success, Karen and Scott Paszkowski are already thinking about expanding. WBZ-TV's Rachel Holt reports.

Video Transcript

- All right. How do you say no to this. Little fun on the water. A family run Tiki Hut Boat business is really taking off. The boat operates in kind of an unexpected place.

- Definitely catches your eye. And business is so good that the owners are looking at getting a second one. WBZ's Rachel Holt takes us on board.

RACHEL HOLT: No, this isn't Florida or the Caribbean. This is Massachusetts' North Shore.


RACHEL HOLT: Husband and wife duo Karen and Scott Paszkowski are behind Tiki Hut Boats, which offers 90 minute tours out of Salem Harbor through October.

KAREN PASZKOWSKI: You get to see Salem from a different view. It's such an important city and there is so much history here. And the Harbor is wonderful. The people are great. It's eclectic, it's fun.

SCOTT PASZKOWSKI: I think we got the best job in the world. We get to hang out with each other all day long and serve smiles and cocktails, and be on the water every day. It's the best job there is.

RACHEL HOLT: The vessel features a bathroom, bar, and tiki hut for beloved crew member Piper, all hand built by Scott two years ago.

SCOTT PASZKOWSKI: The name of the boat is Tiki Time. It's 21 feet long and it's 16 feet wide. We take six people out on a 90-minute tour we just stay inside the no wake zone here at Salem.

SUE WILLIAMS: Oh my gosh. We're having so much fun. They're just fun people. The whole vibe is awesome.

RACHEL HOLT: Tiki Hut Boats launched in September 2019. And due to its success, Karen and Scott are already thinking about expanding business.

SCOTT PASZKOWSKI: We are here seven days a week, 12 plus hours a day all through the summer. We want to try to build another boat this fall. We have to pinch ourselves every now and then because we're so busy with it. We're amazed and humbled at how much it's taken off.

KAREN PASZKOWSKI: So people come on and they just-- they're free for a while. We have a motto. It's breathe in the ocean air. Breathe out your stress. Repeat for 90 minutes. So they do that, and they leave here laughing.

RACHEL HOLT: For WBZ News, I'm Rachel Holt.