This TikTok Beauty Trend Made Me Put Blush on My Undereye Circles (& Now I’m Obsessed)

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As I’ve transitioned from being an early 20-something to a later 20-something, I’ve taken part in my fair share of testing out wacky beauty hacks and gimmicks. (Don’t believe me? I have an entire shelf of my fridge dedicated to housing skincare products in the hopes it will make their formulas more effective.) So it’s really no surprise that when I stumble across a viral new “trick” so to speak, I have to try it out for myself.

What’s the latest trend that’s caught my attention, you ask? Applying blush on your under eyes and blending in concealer on top of it. Yes, I know it sounds a bit strange, but bear with me here. Essentially, members of #beautytok have discovered that this combo acts as its own DIY color corrector. Since red and pink hues are opposite to blue and green tones (three cheers for color theory!), the blush cancels out the “dark” of dark circles.

Now, whether it’s hormones, genetics or some other forsaken reason, my under eye circles are…impressive, and the second I stumbled upon this trick, I snatched my makeup bag and ran to my bathroom. I typically don’t apply concealer around my eyes since it always seems to seep into my premature crow’s feet (consider this my reminder to wear sunscreen, people) and get a tad cakey, but a quick scroll through similair videos convinced me that testing this out was worth it.

Following the instructions of the creators, I dabbed a slight amount of blush close to both corners of my eyes and blended it in using my fingers. It was at this point that I began to question my decision making, but I persevered. I swiped my go-to concealer of the moment (it’s Lilah B. Virtuous Veil Concealer and Skin Perfector, in case you were curious) on top and blended it in using a makeup sponge.

It’s safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Did it completely eradicate me from looking like I hadn’t slept in 85 years? No, but my eyes looked more illuminated and awake than they have in years. I had assumed the combo would leave me with that reddish tinge you get after a good cry, but I didn’t see any red whatsoever. Consider me sold.

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