TikTok food critic Keith Lee's Atlanta reviews stir controversy, Houston blogger weighs in

HOUSTON - TikTok sensation and food critic Keith Lee, renowned for his viral restaurant reviews, recently made a stop in Atlanta, sparking conversations about the local dining scene. While many locally-owned eateries received praise for their delectable dishes and excellent customer service, a few faced criticism and backlash from both Lee and his devoted followers.

Lee's unique approach to restaurant reviewing revolves around the concept of impartiality. He strives to experience dining as an everyday customer rather than receiving special treatment due to his potential to boost a restaurant's success through favorable reviews. In his own words, "I'm a normal person, I pay for my food like everybody else." This mantra guides his evaluations, as he aims to provide honest feedback without bias.

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In a recent post during his visit to Atlanta, Keith Lee highlighted his experience at The Real Milk & Honey, a restaurant located in the College Park area. Lee's review exposed questionable practices at the establishment, including inaccurate information regarding call-in orders and business hours.

The TikTok influencer expressed his disappointment in his review, cautioning his followers, "Don't call this restaurant trying to get people fired. Ain't nobody do nothing. This is just the rules, it's not for you." Ultimately, Lee and his family left the restaurant without sampling any dishes.

Lee's reviews hold significant influence, resonating with his dedicated fan base. The Real Milk & Honey found itself at the center of a social media storm, with local patrons and fans sharing their discontent online. The restaurant's initial response, which included mocking the influencer's appearance, was quickly taken down and replaced with a formal apology.

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Another restaurant in Atlanta, with a name similar to The Real Milk & Honey, also suffered the consequences of Lee's reviews. A barrage of 1-star reviews on Yelp and Google left diners confused and outraged.

At the Atlanta Breakfast Club, Lee encountered unique dining rules that sparked controversy. The staff refused to serve a table until all party members who reserved spots were seated, restricted the table to a single order, and charged an additional fee for butter. These rules left Lee and his followers questioning the restaurant's practices.


In recent years, the world of food blogging on social media has seen exponential growth, providing platforms for individuals like Eric Davis (known as EricEatsHTX) to share their culinary experiences. Eric, a trusted Houston food blogger since 2018, has enjoyed engaging with restaurants and followers. He notes the challenges faced by eateries in the vast Houston market and understands why establishments reach out to bloggers for exposure.

Davis shared his perspective on Keith Lee's recent reviews, acknowledging some unusual restaurant rules. However, he encourages individuals to explore their preferred dining spots, even in the face of unconventional policies. In his own words, "Some of these rules are pretty crazy, but sometimes, you just have to deal with it if you really want to try it…you can listen to my opinion, but also take it with a grain of salt. If you don't like it, I understand. If you see something you like, go try it."