TikTok user reveals ‘life-changing’ hack for cracking eggs: ‘It’s that obvious?’

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What’s the real best way to crack an egg? On the counter? Over a bowl? On your arm?

If you ask TikTok, the answer is much, much simpler.

A new egg-cracking hack is going viral on the app and dividing users in the process. The trick, which claims to create a “perfect” crack in the eggshell, is to just drop it in the pan.

The method didn’t originate on TikTok, of course, but, now, that’s where it’s spreading to home chefs around the world. The trend started with a user named @maddysumnerx and was then replicated by TikTokers like Marcin Teodoru.

In Teodoru’s version of the hack, he holds his arm about a foot above his skillet, then drops the egg straight down. The egg hits the pan and splits clean open — then, Teodoru easily removes the shell with his hand.

“It worked!” Teodoru declares in his video’s caption.

The thinking here is simple. Although cracking an egg isn’t the most time-consuming chore ever, it can be annoying and messy. Cracking it quickly — and in the same pan you’re using to cook the eggs — can really streamline that process.

Still, the hack has TikTok users divided. Some have called it “life-changing” and agreed that it really is the best way to crack an egg.

“Holy f it worked,” one user wrote.

“It’s that obvious?” another asked.

Others, however, were more skeptical. Some commenters explained that they tried the hack several times and failed.

So, to get to the bottom of things, the editors In The Know decided to try it ourselves. Thankfully, ITK video editor and consummate Try Guy Nick Rudzewick had a few eggs ready in the fridge.

According to Nick, the hack does technically work, but not every time. He said it took several times before he could get it just right, but noted that if you hold the egg sideways (versus straight up or upside down), it’s much more consistent.

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