TikTok Has a New It Girl in Town, and Her Name Is Alix Earle. Here's What You Should Know About Her

tiktok influencer alix earle at an event in a neon green suit
Get to Know TikTok's New It Girl: Alix EarleAlexander Tamargo - Getty Images

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If the new Queen of TikTok hasn't come across your FYP yet with her Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos, allow us to formally introduce you to the one and only Alix Earle. Alix is a 22-year-old Florida-based beauty and lifestyle influencer, and she is one of the fastest-growing creators on the app. Her page is filled with makeup, glamorous outfits, acne updates, college lifestyle, and pure chaos, and we can’t get enough. The reason why she's so popular, you ask? Her followers are basically her BFFs. (Well, it feels like it, at least.)

If your group chat is popping off every time Alix hits the publish button on the app and you still haven't hit the follow button yourself, here's a study guide on TikTok's new fave.

tiktok influencer alix earle at an event in a neon green suit
Alexander Tamargo - Getty Images

Alix is a senior at the University of Miami

By the looks of Alix's TikTok, it doesn’t seem like she is doing much studying, but according to Alix's LinkedIn, she is a marketing student at UMiami in the Herbert Business School. Her party-girl lifestyle is fun to watch, giving Gen Z a glimpse at what college life can look like for some: going to massive frat pool parties, getting ready for class, and living with a bunch of roommates. NGL, it truly seems like she is having the time of her life.

ICYMI: she even got married on campus! Well, kind of. A frat on campus throws a huge wedding party every year and she was chosen to be the bride. She wore the poofiest dress possible and all her besties wore matching pink bridesmaid dresses.

Alix's TikToks get millions of views

Alix is known for her GRWM videos, where she sits in front of the camera, draws on white eyeliner (another viral trend), and talks to you about what's on her agenda. The way she talks like you are on FaceTime together sets her apart from the other GRWM girlies. She’s been making TikToks since 2020, but over the last few weeks, her videos became so successful that she surpassed 4.3 million followers.

When she isn’t partying it up in Miami, Alix calls New Jersey home

Alix is originally from New Jersey and always makes her way back to spend time with her family and friends during holiday breaks. According to TODAY, Alix is an heiress of the New Jersey-based construction company, Earle, which her father Thomas Earle runs. Alix never fails to post TikToks with her adorable younger siblings, too. The U.S. Sun reported that Alix is actually the oldest of her siblings: Ashtin (also from her father’s marriage with Alix’s mom Alisa Earle) and Izabel, Penelope, and Thomas James II (from her father’s second marriage to Ashley Dupré).

Her social media following skyrocketed after a very public breakup

Gather ‘round for the storytime of Alix and Tyler Wade. Back in September 2022, Alix confirmed on TikTok that she was dating the former Yankees baseball player. He would appear in multiple TikToks from time to time, and in December 2022, the couple split. Alix revealed in a TikTok Live that things just weren’t working out and he “wouldn’t post” her on his social media platforms.

"We have been fighting for a bit. I just was not happy with the way I was feeling. He wouldn't post me," she said on the live stream, per E! News. "We went to a wedding and got all these good photos together and two selfies of him, and he was like, 'Oh how many pictures should I post?' and I was thinking, 'Aw he's going to post me.'" Fans immediately praised her for knowing her worth, and now she has millions of ride-or-die followers always hyping her up.

Alix seems to be doing just fine after the breakup, though. She posted this TikTok lip-syncing to the audio, “Damn, y’all broke up? Nah. She broke, I’m up,” and her fans lost it. Naturally, she captioned the video, “What would Alix do?” a common slogan between her and her following. Although Alix and Tyler haven’t been together for a hot minute, Alix confirmed they did meet for lunch during her trip to Los Angeles in early January, quickly adding that they ended things on “good terms.”

She regularly attends events with A-list celebrities

Between promoting makeup products on TikTok with celebrities, casually posing with Hailey Bieber, and attending brand trips across the world, Alix seemingly does it all. One minute, she flies out to New York City to make GRWM TikToks with Selena Gomez advertising Rare Beauty products at influencer events (Sel even did her freaking makeup!!!), and the next, she is getting ready for class. Let’s not forget that she was also invited to Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party in Miami to ring in 2023. It's like she's living a double life...Hannah Montana who?

Nonetheless, she keeps it real on her page

Aside from going to frat parties and glam events, Alix still knows how to engage with her followers on topics other than partying. The beauty TikToker is super open on her page about struggling with acne and her journey with Accutane. Alix regularly reminds followers to not compare themselves to what they see online because often, it’s just a highlight reel. In a TikTok giving her regular acne update, she captioned her video, "My DMs are open if you’re struggling and want to talk 🤍🫶🏼" for anyone who may be going through a similar experience. She doesn’t shy away from opening up about her mental health either and discusses having anxiety and taking medication.

Her followers also love that she doesn't hide the fact that she's gotten plastic surgery and answers questions about the work she's gotten. In early January 2023, Alix reminisced with her followers about her breast augmentation on her “boobaversary,” which marked one year since getting breast implants. She also took fans along as she got lip fillers.

That's basically the rundown of everything we know about Alix Earle! If this doesn't convince you to give her a follow, you'll just have to check out her videos yourself.

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