TikTok hates this Big Mac proposal

A boyfriend’s proposal is raising eyebrows after going viral on TikTok.

The man’s girlfriend, Alina Dumova, uploaded a video of the momentous occasion to TikTok with the caption, “I SAID YES!”

The video was taken by the unnamed boyfriend inside a McDonald’s, where Dumova can be seen drinking a hot beverage and looking away from her boyfriend. The boyfriend is holding up the top of the Big Mac box to hide that he’s inserting an engagement ring into the burger.

Finally, he closes the box, and pushes it over to Dumova.

It’s a rather unusual and low-key proposal, which is why it’s sort of surprising that the TikTok garnered more than 14.3 million views.

Many accused the couple of staging the proposal, especially since the boyfriend spent so long fiddling with the Big Mac before sliding it over to his girlfriend.

“A normal person would say ‘what [are] you doing to my burger?'” someone pointed out.

“What if she eats it?” another asked.

It’s a good point that several other TikTok commenters couldn’t help but focus on — the boyfriend really shoves the ring into the burger.

“My luck I would eat it and never notice,” one said.

Many thought it was inappropriate that the boyfriend proposed at McDonald’s of all places, but sometimes love can’t wait.

“Who proposes at McDonald’s? That’s my question,” a TikToker commented. “A girl deserves better than that.”

Based on Dumova’s follow-up videos on TikTok, the couple is pretty unconventional as is — according to TikTok, they took their wedding photos while jumping off a boat — so the McDonald’s proposal probably wasn’t a red flag.

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