TikToker’s iced chai recipe will make you forget all about Starbucks

Kevin Wilson is a pastor with a great social media presence and an impeccable chai recipe.

Wilson’s TikTok, crossculturechristian, is all about chai. The youth pastor uses it as a way to give spiritual advice, discuss tea-making techniques and explain why you shouldn’t say “chai tea” (chai means tea, it’s redundant).

Wilson’s iced chai tutorials are packed with spice and comedy.

“Do you care about your tastebuds? Do you care about your life?” Wilson asks. “Then forget about that iced chai tea latte from Starbucks. Here’s how you make the real thing.”

The pastor adds peppercorns, cardamom seeds, cinnamon bark, star anise, nutmeg and cloves into a pot for the masala (ground spice) blend. He heats it up until the spices are roasted. Then he tosses them into the “ancient stone grinder” (a mortar and pestle) and crushes the spices into a powder.

“Channel your own insecurities for enhanced flavor,” he jokes. “Look at that. The dust of destiny.”

Wilson then adds milk and water into the pot but “not too much [water] or it will taste like Starbucks.” He boils the liquid, while he peels ginger with a spoon. Then he grinds the ginger shavings into a pulp. When the milk and water are boiled, he adds the masala, loose-leaf black tea, ginger, sucrose and a dash of French vanilla.

“Stir until you see the color of a happy brown boy,” Wilson says.

Next, he filters the liquid into his mug, making sure to squeeze out as much of the chai as possible.

“Low key, this is what suffering does to us. It brings out that good-good,” he says.

Finally, he pours the tea into a cup with ice and tops it with cocoa powder, or as he calls it “melanin powder.” Wilson takes a sip and lets out a satisfied, “Oooh,” before stoically saying, “Take care and God bless.”

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