Tiktok Made Me Try It: Filtering My Liquor

Tiktok has made us try a handful of methods and challenges that we may have never even thought of before. The newest craze? Using a water filter for your hard liquor. The results? Very interesting to say the least.


95% of the flavor gone…and yes it will still get you drunk

♬ original sound – Oliver Sims IV

You definitely get what you pay for when you purchase cheap liquor. Usually you get a harsh smell, gross after taste and an even worse burn when going down. Apparently a Brita filter can change all of that and have you thinking a $15 bottle of vodka is the best Grey Goose you’ve ever had.

Tiktoker Elliot Norris started this trend by just simply wanting to see what it would taste like. After pouring it through the filter and taking a shot, Elliot and his friend realized that the cheap vodka they purchased tasted like water.

The video has since gone viral, with over 5.5m views and thousands of comments from people who loved the results home experiment.


Replying to @arisbeli never. again.

♬ original sound – Oliver Sims IV

Many users have tried the trend since. They have been using different liquors to see if it’ll still work. Tiktoker, Oliver Sims IV has had a series of different types of alcohol that he outs to the test upon request. He’s done spirits like Pink Whitney, rum, Hennessey and even Everclear.

Everyone who has tried it has made it very clear that the liquor does not lose its potency; you will indeed still get drunk.

If you so choose to go down the path of filtering your alcohol please keep in mind that the alcohol ultimately messes up your filter, so it’s only a one use method. You will have to purchase a new filter replacement each time you run liquor through it.

Also, please don’t give the filtered liquor to your friends and have them think it’s water. That’s just not nice.