This Tiktok star uses astrology to predict bitcoin prices

“Hi I’m Maren. I am a professional astrologer, current philosophy graduate student and entrepreneur.”

When is the right time to trade bitcoin?

Could the answers be in the sky?

The cryptocurrency’s mysterious movements baffle many financial analysts.

Enter Maren Altman, bitcoin investor and astrologer.

The 22-year-old has been following the movements of celestial objects to predict price fluctuations since last summer.

And while many people might mock her methods,

she has built up a 1 million-strong following on TikTok.

“My TikTok on this absolutely blew up a few weeks ago."

"In my readings when I see this coming up I know there was a huge scale breakthrough."

"If you’re excited to look at the upcoming astrology for bitcoin for 2021 – make sure you like, subscribe, hit the notification bell so you never miss what the stars have in store for you financially or otherwise.”

Earlier this year, the New Yorker told her followers to watch for a price correction on January 11th.

Why? Because Saturn was going to cross Mercury.

Indeed bitcoin fell 21% on that day before recovering most of its losses,

slamming the brakes on a meteoric rally that’s seen the cryptocurrency double from early December to a record $42,000 at the beginning of January.

“I get a lot of people as a joke saying things like, I trust you with my life or like things like that, and I think that a lot of it is satire because I think a lot of people do understand that I'm not an oracle. I'm just someone who studies patterns and I'm good at studying patterns. I don't feel comfortable making any financial advice. Like I don't tell people when to buy or sell. I'm looking at price trends, but that depends on you like eye dollar cost average. I do buy based on my own predictive data, but I also am just buying on a regular basis and investing and what not.”

But how does it work?

For the uninitiated, Mercury – the planet – represents bitcoin’s price data and Saturn is a restricting indicator.

“So astrology can be thought of like a giant mirror or a symbolic language where certain signifiers of planetary alignments are archetypes and they represent themes in the world like growth or restriction or aggression or peace. And when we look how that is interplaying with the chart of a given moment, whether that is a human life or a company, when we look at how the current sky is overlaying on top of something that's already created, we can see how current events are impacting on something that's already happened.”

So what do the stars have in store for the world’s favorite cryptocurrency in the coming months?

Maren says she sees favorable indicators in February and early March

but a big price correction mid-March

and that May will be bullish.