TikTok user perfectly emulates Scarlett Johansson

A South African woman is being called Scarlett Johansson’s “twin” after going viral for emulating many of the movie star’s most famous roles. Kaylee Petrus, a TikTok user from Cape Town, shared a clip responding to commenters on her videos who had said she resembled the “Avengers” actress. “A lot of you guys say I look like …” the on-screen caption of Petrus’ video reads before she strikes a series of poses... that resemble a number of Johansson’s most famous roles from movies. The striking comparison was then shared on Twitter, where it’s received more than 9 million views in just four days. Petrus’s video drew praise and admiration from thousands of social media users, who called her a “W.O.C.” (woman of color) version of Johansson. Johansson has previously faced backlash for portraying non-white and non-cis-gendered characters. In 2017, she portrayed a Japanese woman in the movie “Ghost in the Shell” . and In 2018, she accepted a role as a transgender man in the movie “Rub & Tug,” a project she ultimately left amid public outrage