TikTok user pledges fundraiser for elderly DoorDash driver after video sparks debate

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Kerry, the elderly Door Dash driver  (TikTok/@anabellegracestephens)
Kerry, the elderly Door Dash driver (TikTok/@anabellegracestephens)

An elderly delivery driver for Door Dash has been at the centre of a debate about working conditions in the United States after a concerned TikTok user filmed him.

The delivery driver, who was identified as “Kerry”, was the focus of a TikTok video uploaded by user IC4LYPSO, or Anabelle Grace Stephens, on Wednesday.

She wrote in a caption: “Tell me I didn’t just get the cutest door dasher”, while adding a crying face emoji. The footage was from her door bell camera and showed Kerry arriving at her home with a delivery.

The TikTok user followed-up in another video by revealing how she tipped him $30 for her delivery worth around $21 dollars, in what was an apparent response to critics.

She said in a third TikTok video that she was attempting to reach out to the man, and had approached Door Dash asking if she could be put in touch with Kerry for his “wonderful” service.

On Friday, Anabelle told her 16,000 followers on TikTok that she had finally contacted Kerry after reaching out to Door Dash and said: “Update is out I found him”.

“I’m working on setting up a meeting with Kerry! His son reached out and said he’s a very private man. He’s been working basically his entire life and has gone through a lot of hardships,” said Anabelle.

“I have his son my number and I am now waiting for Kerry to reach out to me so we can set up a meeting and hopefully finally help this man retire!”

While some TikTok users argued that “this man will never retire. It’s not in his blood”, Anabelle went on to say that she wanted to begin a fundraiser for Kerry.

“Stay turned I will your guys help! Even if we all just donate $1 it could change his life!”.

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