TikTok user reveals ‘genius’ trick for dealing with nonstop spam calls

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing his “genius” trick for how to stop spam calls. The life hack is courtesy of user Roy L Baker Jr. (@1roy_jr). His video, which has drawn more than 9 million views, shows how Baker uses a fake voicemail to ward off scammers. The clip shows Baker receiving a call labeled “spam risk.” From there, he answers and immediately breaks into a spot-on impression of an automated voicemail audio. “Hello, thank you for calling the CIA,” Baker says. “You’ve reached our scam and fraud division. All of our agents are currently assisting other callers”. From there, the TikToker tells his spam caller that the “agency” will begin downloading all of their incoming and outgoing call logs — in order to “help” them with whatever scam they’re reporting. Many called the idea “genius.” Others begged Baker to record audio of his speech so they could play it whenever scammers call them. “I need this as my voicemail!” one user wrote. “I would pay for this to be added to my voicemail box,” another added. “His voice is from heaven!” another praised

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