TikTok User Sparks Outrage After Telling Men Who Can’t Get Women in America to ‘Go to Asia’

A TikTok user who goes by the username @citizenattorney1 is currently under fire after advising men who can’t find a wife in America to go to Asia. The unidentified man, who appears to be no longer active on TikTok, described Asian women in America as “not cool” and “not nice.”


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“It’s kind of like they want to get here,” he claimed. “So if you’re going to be the guy to help them get here, they will be akin to you.” “And you can have them probably five years or so – maybe seven,” he said in his now-deleted video. “And don’t worry if they dump you. The guys get so worried, ‘Oh my god she’s going to dump you.’ Well, duh! Of course she is, but that’s like five, seven years down the line.” “When that occurs, just go get another one. Don’t worry. There are lots, and I mean, like, many, many, many,” he assured before ending the video with a thumbs up. One TikTok user, who goes by the handle @suhm.thoughts, called out @citizenattorney1 for his post: “At this point, it’s like you are trying to piss me off.”

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“Asian women are not objects you get to ‘have’ for a couple of years and then go get another one," @suhm.thoughts writes. ”We’re not trophies or toys for your pleasure. Bringing Asian women to the U.S. is so historically loaded. After WWII, American soldiers brought Asian women with the War Bride act, creating over 40,000 Japanese war brides and thousands more from other Asian countries, and it solidified this idea that Asian women are these exotic, submissive creatures that exist to fulfill your sexual desires. Having an Asian fetish is disgusting and horrible.” The video also made its way to Twitter. Social media user @thekoreanvegan addressed @citizenattorney1 in a video in which she describes how badass her mother was when she was still young.

Here’s what other people said in her Twitter thread:

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