TikTok users are in a heated debate over olive oil ice cream

Social media users are in a heated debate

over whether or not a woman’s “creative”

ice cream topping is disgusting or delicious.

The argument began when TikTok user

himynameissherrie shared a video of her dessert

combo, which she claimed has “changed her life”.

In the clip, the TikToker tells her followers

they’ve been eating vanilla ice cream “wrong”.

She then proceeds to add two crucial

ingredients to her bowl: a sprinkle of sea salt

and, crucially, a drizzle of olive oil.

“Before you tell me I lost you at olive oil, just

trust me on this one,” she says in the video.

The combination, which can be found in

online recipes and at many high-end restaurants

around the country, is nothing new.

However, most TikTok users wrote that they’d

never heard of the idea. Furthermore, several wrote

that they were not particularly inclined to try it.

“That looks rancid. I’d rather

not,” one commenter wrote.

“Are we garnishing ice cream or

frying chicken?” another asked.

“Who was the first person to try this?

Like who just decides to soak their ice

cream in olive oil,” another added.

Others were far more praiseworthy though. Some

users expressed that they had tried the dessert

before, and like himynameissherrie, they were fans.

“I’m a pastry chef and I have to agree!

TRE MAGNIFICENT,” one user wrote.

“All the nice French restaurants in nyc have this

with chocolate ice cream!! IT SLAPS,” another added