TikTok viral video shares niece's genius name for the aquarium, proving 'kids can accurately name anything'

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Sure, kids may say the "darnedest things," but their literal approach to the English language can also produce some pretty wise and observant anecdotes as well. Because of this, kids seem to be a lot better than adults at creating names for everyday objects.

This conversation went viral after TikTok user @deddyfatstacks shared in a viral video that his niece came up with a new name for the aquarium: a water zoo.

After a pause, Dedrick Flynn says, "Now I have a lot to think about, 'cause she's not wrong. She's more than right."

Thousands then flocked to the comment section of the video, naming more accurate and hilarious names young kids have invented.

"My son calls cupcakes 'party muffins,'" user Jennifer Parham wrote with a cry-laughing emoji.

Another user, Niss, commented, "My son called an exclamation mark a loud period when he was in kindergarten."

TikTok user Brandee Glass wrote that when her daughter was a toddler, she called tears "panic water."

Even stars like Kevin Bacon took to the comments section, writing, "It seems so obvious once they say it."

As of Sunday, the video posted at the end of July has received about 143,000 "likes" and over 850,000 views.

The conversation even took to Twitter, when a user shared screenshots from the video, saying the comments "are not from earth." The tweet has garnered over 220,000 "likes" and about 38,000 retweets.

Here are some more of our favorites from the comments section of the video:

"My 8 yo called Waffle House 'hibachi breakfast,'" wrote user Patrick.

"My cousin calls the airport the 'plane station,'" user Love Jones wrote, accompanied by the shrug emoji.

"My seven-year-old niece calls French toast sticks 'syrup fries,'" wrote user Rita Marie Gordon.

"My coworkers granddaughter called seagulls 'beach chickens,'" user @arabjag wrote.

"My daughter calls tongs 'salad tweezers,'" wrote user @ashlienicoleee.

"My daughter called a parasailer a human kite," wrote user @jpfrederick1898.

"My friend daughter use to say 'one-body instead of somebody' when she needed help. can one-body get me some water please...," one user wrote with a cry-laughing emoji.

"My daughter called humidity 'chunky air' today...," user Stacy Hennigan wrote.

"My daughter called her ankle her 'foot waist,'" wrote user Amanda Hart.

"My brother used to call it a lobster mall," user @reeltalktherapy said of the aquarium video.

"My son has renamed meatloaf — ketchup brownies, cashews — moon peanuts, and pant legs are leg sleeves," user @tikitries2022 wrote.