TikToker allegedly asked to wear more 'appropriate' shirt by Disney World employee

On Friday, a TikTok user shared her experience at Disney World. Allegedly, she was approached by Disney staff and told her top was "inappropriate". Alyssa Schueller said in her TikTok that she was at Disney's Animal Kingdom all day with no issue. She had just arrived at Epcot for a dinner reservation when an employee allegedly told her that her top was "not allowed". "Having a dress code isn't a terrible idea, but I do think Disney World needs to be more consistent on enforcing it," Schueller said in a comment. Schueller told Insider that while Disney comped the cost of the new shirt, the incident caused her family to miss their meal reservation. She added that later she checked online to see where Disney's dress code mentions that tie-on clothing wasn't allowed. she couldn't find anything mentioning the subject matter. Her TikTok video has since accumulated 2 million views and tons of comments supporting her right to wear her original top to the park. "Are Ariel's seashells inappropriate too?" someone joked. "A child probably wouldn't even think twice about her outfit"

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