American woman dumbfounded by plate after ordering ‘chips and salsa’ in Italy: ‘I’ll never get over it’

A word to the wise: “Chips and salsa” doesn’t mean the same thing everywhere.

That’s the lesson behind a viral video from Kacie Burns (@kacierose4), an American TikToker living in Italy. Burns’ clip, which has more than 6.5 million views, showed what happened when she tried to order the dish abroad.

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It’s the latest in a widespread trend on the app, where TikTokers have shared various “culture shocks” they’ve experienced while living in foreign countries. In the past, users have dished on the differences between American and Australian high schools, revealed the strangest things about living in Sweden, and explained what it’s like to be a teacher in Denmark.

In Burns’ case, the culture shock was a lot more granular.

“An equal mix of hilarious and disappointing,” she captioned her post.

As Burns explained in the clip, she sat down at a restaurant in Italy and noticed “chips and salsa” on the menu. After ordering it, she got something pretty unexpected.

Burns showed an image of her food, which featured a basket of potato chips with a side of one ketchup packet and one mayonnaise packet. As Burns quickly pointed out in the comments, a lot of the confusion came from a simple translation error.

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“It’s not a big deal. ‘Salsa’ in Italian literally means ‘sauce,’ so technically I got what I wanted!” she wrote.

Other TikTokers were quick to excuse her mistake. Many shared that they’d had similar experiences.

“When I was in Rome, I got chips with barbecue sauce and ketchup,” one commenter wrote.

“I used to live in England. The closest thing they have to tortilla chips is Doritos,” another added.

Meanwhile, Burns seemed to find the whole situation more humorous than anything.

“I’ll never get over it,” she commented.

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