A TikToker rented out a theater and recreated 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' to propose to his girlfriend, leaving everyone everywhere in tears

A TikToker rented out a theater and recreated 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' to propose to his girlfriend, leaving everyone everywhere in tears
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  • A TikToker created a fake version of the movie "Everything Everywhere All At Once" to propose to his girlfriend.

  • The video of his proposal has amassed over a million views, and has left people endeared and weepy.

  • "You['re] setting the bar too high," a top comment joked.

A TikToker rented out a theater to play a special screening of "Everything Everywhere All At Once" — one edited with scenes of himself playing key characters — to propose to his girlfriend. The gesture has made over a million viewers emotional and joking that he's set the bar "too high."

In the viral clip shared over the weekend, the creator Daniel Le wrote on-screen that his girlfriend Annie thought she was going with him to rewatch the Academy-award-winning movie in a theater with all their closest friends. However,  Annie soon found out the movie was highly personalized for her.

According to the TikTok, Annie first noticed something was amiss because the quality of the movie was so low. The gig was up when she saw scenes of her boyfriend playing iconic characters, like husband Waymond Wang and Deirdre, the tax auditor, which he edited himself into it.

The movie then cuts to a clip of Le sitting in his car, addressing the camera.

"I'm sorry for interrupting the movie for everyone; I just wanted to surprise Annie," he says. Le then showed several clips of Annie and their friends on the screen while he narrated how much he loved her and felt so blessed to have found her. Eventually, he put up sweet testimonies and messages from Annie's friends.

Annie, meanwhile, appeared shocked and on the edge of tears. At the end of the TikTok, Le is seen getting down on one knee and proposing.

"She said yes!!!" on-screen text then read, while their friends erupted in cheers in the background.

The comment section has been packed with viewers saying they teared up watching the video, with many complimenting Le on his planning and execution, and saying he set the bar very high for future proposals.

"You setting the bar too high," one top commenter wrote. "I feel like a profound gentleman for getting a large popcorn."

One top comment hoped the team and cast of "EEAAO" would see Le's rendition. (When reached, a spokesperson for A24, the production company that produced the film, told Insider they would not be providing an official comment but that they thought the gesture was "lovely.")

Le's video has been viewed over 1.5 million times in a day. And people are simply moved.

"Not me sobbing on my couch," one person wrote. "Oh my god this is so cuteeeeee," someone else commented.

Insider also reached out to Le for comment.

@danyo_le Replying to @myguyl Some more behind-the-scenes and her reaction! Part 1 here ->@danyo_le #eeaao #proposalvideo #theaterproposal #movie #movietheaterproposal ♬ original sound - Daniel Le

In a follow-up video, Le explained how he set up the elaborate proposal. He first showed showed emails he sent to local theaters inquiring about renting out their space.

He showed behind-the-scenes footage of himself filming and editing the movie, and friends helping him create costumes and props.  He also said people arrived at the location 30 minutes early so they could prep the space.

"I don't even know y'all but I am in bed wiping tears from my eyes bc of this. congrats," a top comment on this video read.

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