TikToker rescues 'abandoned' Nintendogs after finding game cartridge on London train

After discovering a lost “Nintendogs” game cartridge on a London train, a TikTok user shared a series of videos detailing his journey of rescuing the “abandoned” virtual puppies.

The TikTok user, @bennypvideo, shared a video last Thursday of him finding the lost game cartridge on the train. The “Nintendogs” cartridge can be seen laying on the floor beneath the train seats before it is picked up by the TikToker and taken home to test on his Nintendo DS.

“Nintendogs” is a real-time virtual pet simulator that was released by Japanese video game company Nintendo in 2005 for the Nintendo DS console.

When the user initially tried the game on his Nintendo DS, it did not register, prompting him to clean the gaming chip with an alcohol swab in hopes of loading the game. After the game successfully loads, the user finds two “abandoned” puppies, a tiny black Labrador and Shiba Inu named Enzo and Tyson, respectively, and reassures the virtual pets that they “are OK” and “don’t have to worry now.”

After clicking on the pets’ information card, the TikToker discovered that the lost owner’s name is “sean” while exclaiming in shock that “sean” only spent four minutes to an hour with his virtual pets.

He then proceeds to “take care” of the Nintendogs by feeding and playing with them while affectionately petting the virtual puppies.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe someone would abandon these guys,” the user said in the video. “Me and the pups are having the time of our lives.”

The video has garnered over 287,000 views and 64,000 likes since being uploaded on April 28.


Image: @bennypvideo

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