TikToker reveals ‘genius’ life hack for getting better sleep on a plane: ‘It’s all about comfort’

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A TikToker is going viral after sharing her “genius” alternative to using a neck pillow for travel. 

The trick, courtesy of user Hello Kristen (@hellokristen), has hundreds of thousands of views and plenty of praise. It’s just the latest life hack to spread widely on TikTok, where travel tips and tricks abound

In recent months, users have shared their hacks for using pillows to store extra luggage, “hanging” personal items from suitcases and buying tickets at the airport to save money

The tip from @hellokristen deals with a problem almost any air traveler can relate to — how hard it is to fall asleep on a flight. Her solution? Use a neck brace instead of a neck pillow. 

“I have purchased like five different travel neck pillows and they all suck,” the TikToker said in her clip. “I wish that something would just hold my neck in place, kind of like a neck brace.”

So instead of buying something like a neck brace, @hellokristen literally just bought a neck brace. As she pointed out in the video, the brace supports your neck from all sides — unlike a neck pillow. 

“If I’m traveling for more than eight hours, I do not care how I look,” @hellokristen added. “It is all about comfort.”

TikTok users largely supported the idea. Many called it “genius.” 

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“This is the best idea ever,” one user wrote. 

“I discovered this a few years ago, it’s amazing,” another added

It’s worth noting, however, that many travelers might actually be using their neck pillows the wrong way. As popular TikToker @sidneyraz pointed out in a recent viral TikTok, a lot of people think the pillow goes behind your neck. In fact, it’s designed to do the complete opposite

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