TikToker reveals ‘life-saving’ trick for watching videos on your computer

Usually, changing tabs on your computer means you can’t see the video you were watching on YouTube. However, this computer trick from user @mac_hacks offers a solution. “I’m telling you right [now] you didn’t know this MacBook life hack,” the TikToker says at the start of their clip. First, @mac_hacks opens up Safari and plays a video on YouTube. Then he uses two fingers to click the video screen twice. Clicking twice appears to open up the browser settings instead of YouTube’s own pre-programmed setting options. From there, @mac_hacks selects the “Enter Picture In Picture” option. The function sends his video to the bottom right hand corner of the screen. From there, the video continues to display as you move around on other parts of your computer. In theory, you could be doing anything and still watch your YouTube clip at the same time. The video claims to be a hack for Safari only, but several TikTokers commented, saying it also works in other browsers. “Btw, you can also do this on Chrome,” one user claimed. “Firefox can do this too,” another added

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