TikToker says she discovered she’s officially been a missing person since 1980

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<p>TikTok user ‘Bearded Mom’ tells of finding out she was officially missing</p> (TikTok/@thebeardedmom)

TikTok user ‘Bearded Mom’ tells of finding out she was officially missing


A 42-year-old TikTok user went viral on social media after she explained that she was officially a missing person, and was the victim of a kidnapping.

The user, known as @thebeardedmom, uploaded a series of videos to TikTok revealing that she was missing, and has been the victim of a kidnapping at the age of 26.

“I was a missing person, I had been since 1980,” she told viewers. “There was a police investigation I could not access because the records had been archived, but I had been kidnapped.”

According to the TikToker, the revelation came after she approached a sheriff for further information on her biological mother, after finding she was not the birth child of her mother.

The sheriff allegedly “became extremely interested in who I was, and my personal information and after a few minutes of having a conversation about who I was, he asked me to please sit down and that he had something to tell me,” she told viewers.

“I sat down, he told me he couldn’t find any information on my mother, but that I was a missing person,” the TikToker alleged.

In a series of follow-ups, viewers were told that the woman was reported missing by her biological grandmother after her biological mother sold her to the couple who raised her, referring to the incident as a “kidnapping”.

“I essentially have two families, my biological family and the family who kidnapped me”, the TikToker says in a third video, all titled ‘My Kidnapping’.

She continued by saying that federal and state instigators failed to find why she was missing for over two decades, despite being in state care.

Unsurprisingly, the TikToks soon went viral, with more than a million views in five days on the first view.

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