TikToker shares gluten-free copycat Entenmann's chocolate donut recipe

TikToker Rachel Mansfield (@rachlmansfield) shared a gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free copycat recipe for Entenmann’s chocolate donuts, . and it’s got mouths watering all over TikTok. The ASMR-style clip begins with close-up footage of a glass mixing bowl being placed on a counter. Each ingredient that’s incorporated is shown through a series of quick shots, . starting with the batter made from a mix of dairy-free coconut yogurt, egg, coconut oil and vanilla extract ... . that’s then combined with coconut sugar, oat flour and baking powder. the clip cuts to another close-up shot of Mansfield gingerly filling each donut mold, followed by footage of her pouring dark chocolate chips into a bowl and then melting them. The final mouthwatering shots feature each donut being dipped into the chocolate before they’re placed on a rack to dry. Viewers were not only impressed with Mansfield’s copycat version of the pantry staple, but they also appreciated the recipe’s execution

Video Transcript


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