TikToker startles ex-girlfriend with 'performance of a lifetime'

A TikToker has gone viral for a series of videos in which he shows up to his alleged ex-girlfriends’ houses uninvited and serenades them. Mike Soluri posted a video of himself carrying a microphone and speaker to one of the ex-girlfriends’ place . before belting out the lyrics to Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart” . Confused, the supposed ex-girlfriend and another person step out to see what’s going on. “Why is he at our house?” one of them asks. “Please leave”. The video was the first in a series of clips in which Soluri surprises several girls with an impromptu performance. The clips have garnered millions of views and plenty of comments from entertained TikTokers. “This is so hilarious” a one user wrote. There is no word yet on whether Soluri has gotten back with any of the alleged ex-girlfriends he serenaded