TikTokers are setting up tripods in Target and parking garages to spoof 'day in the life' videos. Here's why.

TikTokers are setting up tripods in Target and parking garages to spoof 'day in the life' videos. Here's why.

There are numerous “day in the life” and “get ready with me” influencers on TikTok, but users have found the latest creator that they want to imitate.

Andrew “Drew” Walls (@drewwalls10) has gone viral for his vlog-style videos that show him going to Target, getting a haircut, shopping, etc. Walls currently has several videos that chronicle his outings and have reached over a million views. While capturing some of life’s mundane tasks, the videos feature extensive editing and a Drake song as the soundtrack.

After noticing just how many cuts and edits he includes in a single video, TikTokers began commenting on the amount of effort Walls puts into his posts.

“Think it’s a little trippy that you set up the tripod for all those shots. How long does the whole thing take,” replied @sodeevyne.

“Ayo the camera angles are on point buddy,” commented @ctc500.

‘Setting this camera up gotta feel crazy’

Yet when Walls posted a video of himself making a Target run in late December 2023, some viewers began to push back on the number of angles he filmed from and the fact that he must have brought his tripod with him to the store in order to set up his shots.

“Setting this camera up gotta feel crazy and be embarrassing lol,” replied @drenchy_.

Walls has not responded to a request for comment from Yahoo News.

The TikTok creator’s elaborate filming style has inspired many users to make parody posts or re-create his style.

While the parody videos poke fun at Walls’s high production values, viewers also admit that they expect a certain level of quality from similar posts.

“It dont hit the same without the tripod,” replied @isuckatmadden99.

What happens when other people are in the video?

Other users have been more serious with their criticism, noting how the number of setup shots can affect other people in the videos.

On Jan. 15, media company YabaLeftOnline (@yabaleftonline) posted a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, of a man assisting his wife, with the caption “Good men exist.” However, not everyone saw the video in the same positive light.

“Do you understand that for every change in camera angle, she had to wait in pains for him to move the tripod. But i understand, na content creation,” wrote Soji (@bigsurge__) in a retweet that received over 8,000 likes.

“HOW DID U NOT POST THE PART WHERE HE HAS TO DO THE WALK OF SHAME BACK TO THE CAMERA,” commented @dreamaboutmealways under @ochoayousolit’s post.

Walls hasn’t provided a direct response to any of the conversation about his videos, but one of his latest Instagram posts could arguably be a meta retort, as it reads, “Siri play ‘Virginia Beach’” as the caption — referencing the Drake song playing in one of his most popular “day in the life” videos.

“They wouldn’t be talking if you wasn’t doing something!” commenter @biancachalisee wrote.