TikTokers are calling out their 'toxic' workplaces and the stories are harrowing

One of the latest TikTok trends has users calling out their current or former workplaces for their toxic environments. Lindsay Hanson, a professional life coach, started the trend by asking her followers to tell her “the moment you realized your workplace was toxic AF”. “Mine was when I asked my senior [teammate] to come eat lunch with me and he said he can’t because he didn’t want people to see him ‘taking a lunch break,'” Hanson shared. Her initial TikTok racked up over 4,700 comments, as well as tons of #stitch replies of users lamenting their own toxic workplace experiences. A TikToker named Danielle shared that she never took her hour-long lunch break at her old job, always opting for a quick desk lunch instead. User @indigosjourney said her toxic work experience was “probably when I was giving birth and I got a call from my boss asking if I was gonna have my report turned in and if I was coming back the following day”. Another user, @leeann9913, shared that when she was first trying out a menstrual cup, she bled through her pants at work and was not allowed to go home to change clothes. TikToker Shannon Davis probably took the cake here with her story of someone at her workplace coming up to her while she was eating lunch and sticking their hands “directly in her food” and eating it off her plate