TikTok, dentists battle over $15 DIY prosthetic teeth hack: 'Dental work shouldn't be a luxury'

A TikTok trend suggesting that prosthetic teeth can be made out of InstaMorph beads has gone viral — and dentists are not happy.

User Gypsy Lou posted a series of videos explaining how she figured out a cheaper version of partial dentures. The TikToker ordered a pack of InstaMorph beads — plastic beads that can be heated then molded into various shapes — and showed how she made her own "flipper."

A "flipper" refers to an acrylic, removable partial denture or prosthetic tooth. Flippers are more affordable than dental implants and still do the job of a regular tooth. A typical flipper can cost between $300 to $500, not including charges for adjustments or repairs.

In her series, Lou claimed that she's been wearing teeth made from InstaMorph beads for a year.

"I'm not rich," she says in a video. "If you're missing one or two teeth and you don't have the money to go to the dentist, seriously, Morph beads from Amazon will change your life."

A typical bag of InstaMorph beads costs less than $15. Lou says she's aware the beads are labeled not "for internal use," but the TikToker insists she's been fine using them.

She's not alone either — user Jay'lyn used the plastic beads to create his own cap for a chipped tooth.

"Dental care is insanely expensive and so many people cannot afford it and suffer so much," one person commented on Lou's TikTok. "I'm right there with you."

"Dental work shouldn't be a luxury," Lou added in the comments.

"I'm missing a tooth temporarily and deep down I want to normalize it as beauty but also ... I just want a perfect smile," another said.

Many comments on Lou's videos shared the same sentiment: A lot of the people willing to try InstaMorph can't afford proper dental work.

But dentists absolutely hate it. One even commented on Lou's first video.

"Dental professional here," they wrote. "👏 No 👏 No 👏 No."

InstaMorph beads can cause serious damage. Microbeads are not hygienic, meaning all sorts of food and bacteria will get caught around them, and can even infect the nearby teeth. This can cause inflammation of the gums and bones in the area which could lead to permanent issues.

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